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Three Days of Our Lives’ leading ladies will be showing off their comedy skills when they make a visit to primetime.

Deidre Hall (Marlena), Martha Madison (Belle), and Lauren Koslow (Kate) are guest-starring on an upcoming episode of the comedy, Great News. The series, from Executive Producer Tina Fey, centers on a New Jersey mother who puts her relationship with her daughter to the test when she lands an internship at her work.

“Deidre, Lauren, and I just did a little spin on the show,” notes Madison. “There’s no air date, yet, but it will be on NBC.”

Fabulous Fey
While the ladies didn’t get to work with Fey, Hall and Madison admit they are big fans. 

“I’m mad for her,” says Hall.

“She’s so smart and quick and funny,” adds Madison. “I’ve seen every episode of 30 Rock probably three times.”

The gig came about, “out of the blue,” notes Hall, via the show’s creator, Tracey Wigfield, who wrote the episode featuring the DAYS trio.

“Her mother is a big fan of Days of Our Lives,” explains Madison. “So that’s probably where it all started. The writer wrote some stuff in so her mom could meet everybody.”

And that she did. “[Wigfield’s] mother flew in to meet us,” says Hall. “She was on the set the day we did our scenes. She was delightful.”

Comedy 101
The actresses are keeping specifics about their sitcom gig to a minimum. Madison, however, did share that “they wanted the three of us, specifically, because it tied into a storyline from the show. Deidre and I are still playing mother and daughter, sort of. But it’s very different. I can’t give it away.”

And while Madison just worked with Hall, Hall shared scenes with Koslow, too.

“It was such a blast,” says Madison, regarding the whole experience. “There’s just so much more opportunity to go different places in comedy.”

Hall agrees wholeheartedly. “I love comedy,” she adds with a smile. “It was fun to change characters and do something different.”