Westbrook Collection Watercolor Cards

For all of you who heard me talk about the creation of our Westbrook Collection, I’m thrilled to announce that it’s HERE!!

We’re adding Animal cards to our collection and they are spectacular!! They are a great addition to those of you who have purchased our previous collections, “Holiday”, Summer”, and “Flags” (some of which are still available below).  Several cards were inspired by photos that I saw or found online and immediately fell in love.  Many of you said that you’d like to be able to send one card and keep one for yourself. So, every set of 10 will contain two of each design! We’re dancing as fast as we can, but it may take some time for them to arrive. But, they’re worth the wait! 

Animals – Set 1: Sold Out

Animals – Set 2: Sold Out

Holiday Edition – Set 1

Holiday Edition – Set 2

Summer – Chapter #1

Summer – Chapter #2 : Sold Out

Flags – Chapter #1: Sold Out

Flags – Chapter #2

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