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Although Deidre Hall frequently plays a double role as Marlena Evans and her look-alike, Hattie Adams, on Days of Our Lives, that wasn’t always the case. When the character was first introduced, Hattie was played by Hall’s real-life twin sister Andrea Hall. And that’s not the only role she played on the soap!

Andrea Hall actually made her debut on DAYS back in 1977, when she was introduced as Marlena Evans’ jealous twin sister, Samantha. An out of work actress with a serious drug problem, Samantha impersonated Marlena and had her institutionalized. Don Craig caught on to the deception, and with the help of Laura Horton, freed Marlena and had Samantha arrested. After marrying Don, Marlena visited her sister in prison to make peace and the twins shared a heartfelt reconciliation. Sadly, after being released from prison, Samantha was killed by the Salem Strangler, Jake Kositchek, who thought he was murdering Marlena. 

Andrea returned to Salem in 2000 for a brief run as Hattie Adams, a woman who bore a striking resemblance to Marlena. Stefano planned to use Hattie against Marlena, and she had plastic surgery to increase their resemblance. 

When the character returned to the canvas in 2004, Andrea had retired from acting, so the role was taken over by Deidre, who was still playing Marlena. Having left show business behind, Andrea married restauranteur Thomas Gengler and adopted a daughter.

Over the years, Hattie has continued to resurface here and there to stir up trouble and have a little fun at her look-alike’s expense, most recently being released from prison at Christmas, getting a job at the Brady Pub, and finding herself mixed up in Stefano’s latest evil scheme. But since Andrea has given up acting, it’s Deidre who has continued to play both Marlena and Hattie.