Deidre alongside RAW Medical Director, Dr. Norman Leaf, and RAW founder Maggie Lockridge.

I have been honored with an invitation to join the board of an amazing foundation with which I have worked for sometime. The organization is called RAW, Rebuilding America’s Warriors, a non-profit group of over 350 surgeons across the country who donate their time, skills and talents to rebuild our returning veterans. Their help ranges from cosmetic to orthopedic and dental. Due to the overwhelming number of veterans needing help, the VA is unable to provide them with what they need and deserve when returning home from conflict.

If you are, or know of such a person in your neighborhood or family, please encourage them to contact RAW and get the help they so desperately need. There is no cost to our veterans. It is a service provided free of charge by the over 350 surgeons that make up the RAW foundation.

For more information, visit the RAW website or contact the foundation via email.